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Tips on Preventing Rodent Damage

Have you noticed dirt and debris under your car’s hood or in the trunk? If so, you may have rodents making these places their home. We at DCH Lexus of Santa Barbara know the damage that rodents can do to your car and want to help you. Stop in and speak with our specialists. Here are some ideas on how you can prevent mice, rats and other rodents from invading your vehicle.

  • Avoid parking under brush or trees.
  • Keep the hood open in warm weather. 
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Explaining What Happens During Oversteer and Understeer

Oversteer and understeer are terms that refer to vehicle dynamics when drivers turn their vehicles. No matter how experienced you may be behind the wheel, you're bound to experience both of these phenomena at some point while driving. Here are situations that describe when both oversteering and understeering can occur.

Oversteer occurs primarily in rear-wheel drive vehicles. It happens when you apply more power than is needed to the engine. In turn, this causes the vehicle's tires to slip and push in the opposite direction of travel. 

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