Fuel Air Filters and Car Performance

Most modern vehicles are equipped with electronic sensors that monitor critical parameters in the engine block. The flow of oxygen into the powertrain is closely analyzed by multiple sensors that are linked to the on-board diagnostics (OBD) system. However, the condition of a fuel air filter is rarely monitored. Therefore, drivers should perform visual inspections of such a simple accessory that has a major impact on the overall performance of a vehicle.

A dirty air filtration unit limits the amount of oxygen that's available for combustion in the engine block. Therefore, excessive gasoline is used during an inefficient combustion cycle. Foul odors might also accumulate in the exhaust system due to a high concentration of fuel. Under normal conditions, a constant air/fuel ratio must be maintained inside the intake system. Serving car owners in Santa Barbara, DCH Lexus of Santa Barbara offers professional replacement of fuel air filters and other important auto components.



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